Top 10 Logistics Companies in India 2015

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1. Container Corp (CONCOR)

Container Corporation of India was incorporated in 1988.

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It is a Navratna public Sector, which is undertaken by Indian Ministry of railways with government stake of 63%. It also incorporated seven inland container depots from Indian railways.


It operates in three business areas: shipment of cargo carriers, terminal operations and warehousing. The company provides multi-modal logistics support to both the domestic and Exim trade. It has been the market leader in the Container Rail Segment with the largest network – 60 container terminals and around 220 rakes operating per year. CONCOR has 61 ICDs/CFSs (Container Freight Stations) throughout the country. The domestic division is maintained through a network of terminal or hubs. There are 5 exclusive domestic terminals and close to 20 terminals around the country. The new terminals are made both domestic and international combined. Concor is undertaking new initiatives like E-Filing, which is a web-based application for EXIM locations and is being operational at Terminal/Inland Container Depot of CONCOR. They have new types of BLC wagons with increased speed and increased length resulting in more payloads per train. For meeting domestic competition they follow hub and spoke model, which involve the linking of road or short lead rail shuttle services within defined catchment areas, to long lead point-to-point train services. CONCOR has been awarded with MOU Excellence Award. CONCOR was awarded for the “Web Based integrated container/terminal management system” project judged by AFACT as a winner of the e-Asia 2009 award in the category “electronic business in the public sector”. Concor is customer focused and response-oriented organization.

Net Sales (INR Cr): 4,984.55

Net Profit (INR Cr): 984.76

Market Cap (INR Cr): 34,139.98

Ranking Methodology

1. The major logistics companies in India with net sales more than INR 150 cr and market cap more than INR 100cr are filtered out.

2. Their net profit value is also taken into consideration.

3. These parameters are chosen because any logistic company can be a market leader if it serves more customers and moves more material leading to large sales. But not only sales can be the sole criteria we need to check its market worth as well as profits to analyze the growth rate in near future.

4. To rank these companies “ z value normalization “ is adopted.

5. Standard deviation and mean value for each parameter column is calculated.

6. Then z score is calculated for every company corresponding to each ie sales, profit and market cap.

Formula z score= (net sales of company A – mean value of net sales for all companies)/(standard deviation of net sales for all companies)

7. Similarly value is calculated for all other parameters - profit and market cap.

8. Then final rating is prepared by assigning equal weightage to all these z score which are then added and averaged.

Final rating company A = (Z score for Sales + Z score for profit + Z score for market cap)/(no of parameters)

9. Companies are then ranked in descending order as per the final rating.

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