Top 10 Banks in UK 2015

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9. The Cooperative Bank

The Co-operative Bank plc is a commercial and retail bank in the UK, and its headquarters are situated in Balloon Street, Manchester.

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It projects itself as an ethical bank, and tries to avoid investing in companies which are involved in certain fossil fuel extraction, genetic engineering, elements of arm trade, use of sweated labour and animal testing as stated in the ethical policy of the bank. This ethical policy was introduced in the year 1992 and was incorporated in 2013 into the Bank's constitution. Also In 2002, the parent company known as The Co-operative Group Limited decided to bring the Cooperative bank plc and the Co-operative Insurance Society to the control of a completely new incorporated holding society named as Co-operative financial Services which later became the Co-operative Banking Group in the year 2011. The major part of the bank's revenue comes from interest charges on loans as it is the seventh biggest lender in Britain.

Assets: 63.07 billion $

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