Top 10 Automobile Brands in United Kingdom (UK) 2015

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8. Peugeot

Considered by most to be the Father of Peugeot, Jean-Pierre Peugeot was conceived in 1734 and throughout his life, made numerous forays into industry.

He was active with a weaving business, a color works, an oil plant and a grain factory. In 2009, Peugeot made motorsport history, coming in both first and second places in the intense perseverance race, Le Mans 24-hour, with the 908 HDi FAP. In 2010, to stamp the bicentenary of the Peugeot brand, the meaningful Peugeot lion changed to mirror another period. Peugeot's creators made a more straightforward, more dynamic logo with another position and another feeling of development.

Peugeot additionally celebrated with a few advanced launches. In the first place, there was the uncovering of the completely electric idea car, the EX1, which is now situated to break a few world records for acceleration from standstill. At that point came the highest point of-the-reach RCZ car, proclaimed as an outline symbol on account of its surprising 'double bubble' rooftop. Lastly, the 100% electric auto, thePeugeot iOn, landed on the city scene.

Sales: 1,03,566

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