Top 10 Automobile Brands in United Kingdom (UK) 2015

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Nissan Motor UK Ltd, or NMUK, is a 4 wheeler (car) manufacturing plant in Washington, England.

The company is owned and operated by a European division of Japanese car company Nissan. It has been very active since 1986.

NMUK relies heavily on the information technology to function properly. Computer-controlled high-tech robots and other machines are vital to production. These machines are controlled and maintained by specialist team of engineers. Other functions, like the complex scheduling of vehicles, controlling and ordering of parts, vehicle tracking, etc. are controlled by the software written in-house. Maximum number of the software resides on the IBM mainframe computer.

Some of the major events that occurred in Nissan are:

2003- Nissan opened its first European Design Centre in London. Also the Net automotive debt got eliminated.

May, 2007 - Nissan Qashqai was awarded five stars by the Euro NCAP.

May, 2010- Nissan announced the start of the production of Micra in Chennai, India.

Sales: 1,38,338

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