Top 10 Companies in South America 2015

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4. JBS S.A.

JBS S.A. is the largest meat processing company in the world by sales.

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It also produces processed beef, pork and chicken. It was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in Sao Paulo. It has over 200,000 employees worldwide and 340 production units and operates in leather, biodiesel, metal packaging, collagen, and cleaning products industries. It is the largest exporter of animal proteins exporting to over 150 countries. The JBS group’s portfolio includes world famous brands such as Swift, Maturatta, Pilgrim’s, Gold Kist Farms, Friboi, Pierce and 1855. In 2013 the company acquired Seara Brazil and maintains its position as a global poultry processor. JBS S.A. ranks 766 in The Global 2000 list of the world’s biggest companies. In the last four years JBS has participated in several transactions, including the acquisition of U.S. grocery-store staples Swift, Smithfield Beef and Pilgrim’s Pride. Wesley Mendonça Batista is the CEO of JBS. JBS has adopted sustainable practices and follows standards and criteria such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Global Reporting initiative (GRI) the Business Sustainability Index (BSI), and the United Nations Global Compact. Tyson Foods Inc. also intending to sell their Tyson de Mexico and Tyson de Brazil poultry subsidiaries to JBS SA for $575 million. JBS topmost business sections involve JBS beef, foods, leather and other business areas involving packaging and transport of food items. They are committed to ethical and fair animal production. This policy is based on respecting animals' five fundamental liberties, which means they should not suffer of Hunger, Discomfort, Pain, fear and must be allowed to be in their natural behavior.

(All in billion USD)

Revenue: 45

Profit: 0.895

Market Cap: 46.76

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