Top 10 Companies in South America 2015

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3. Pemex

Petróleos Mexicanos (which is known as Pemex and founded in 1938), well renowned as Mexican Petroleum involves in exploration, storage, refining, production, transportation and sale of hydrocarbons and derivatives.


Total asset of Pemex is $415.75 billion, which also makes it the world's second largest company. Majority of the shares of this company belongs to Mexican govt. Petroleos Mexicanos, the largest company in Mexico is one of the companies that is involved in all the steps of oil production industry. It seems that the plan of Pemex and its subsidiaries till the year 2017 is to create value and achieve sustainability. Scientific discoveries helped in the petroleum potential of deep-water basins and in the southeast. During 2012, total revenues amounted to one trillion 647 billion pesos, earned a net operating income of 905 billion pesos and invested 311 billion pesos. Pemex claims to work in 479 production fields; 5,092km of oil pipelines; 9,249 production wells; 9 refineries; 12 petrochemical complexes; 9,095km of gas pipelines; 20 LPG distribution terminals; and 232 off-shore platforms. Crude oil production has remained stable in recent years and in 2012 reached 2 million 548 thousand barrels per day and natural gas to 6000 385 million cubic feet per day. Pemex produces diesel, natural gas, liquid gas, sulphur, gasoline, kerosene, and petrochemicals. Pemex owns more than 10,042 service stations in the country. New goal set is of increasing Mexican oil output by 500,000 barrels per day by the end of 2018, where half of that is expected to come from extra-heavy oilfields and shallow-water. In the last decade of declining production and Pemex’s inability to invest more to increase it —(as company gives its revenue to state in tax) — are the setback forces behind a Mexican energy and it reforms to open the private investment.

(All in billion USD)

Revenue: 125.943

Profit: -13.302

Market Cap: 156.334

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