Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

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8. Meiji Holdings(Chocorooms, Yan Yan etc)

This company was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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They are one of the biggest companies in dairy products. Meiji Holdings Co. Ltd operates in two segments. In food segment as Meiji Co Ltd and in pharmaceutical segment as Meiji Seika Pharma Co. Ltd. Meiji Co Ltd operates in dairy business, confectionary business, healthcare and nutritional business. Meiji enjoys strong presence in yogurt, drinking milk, chocolate, Ice Cream Cups making it No 1 in Japan. Way back in 1971, Meiji group innovated plain yogurt and became pioneers in this vertical. They have introduced functionally fortified variants in yogurts to add nutritional value and suit as per the taste palate. Product portfolio of Meiji Co Ltd varies slightly from the regions. In China, chilled milk, plain yogurt, chocolate snacks and chocolate are sold whereas in US, crackers and chocolate snacks are sold.

The strong marketing and sales capabilities, quality of material, Research capabilities makes the Meiji group a strong player in food segment. It is known for its innovation capabilities since its inception. “Meiji Almond Chocolate” had this new concept of coating almond with chocolate and this was a unique way of delivering healthy and tasty products which consumers find irresistible. Expansion in emerging Asian economies like Thailand and china to increase market share in milk and yogurt business. The company’s corporate social initiatives focus on environment, society, quality and governance. For achieving sustainable results, outside audit committee is set up, internal control systems, compliance and risk management systems are in place. Their products also include sports drinks, pizza, chocolate bars, food supplements etc. Product portfolio includes Hello Panda, Yan Yan, Chocorooms, Chococones.

Sales: $ 1.5 B

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