Top 10 Newspapers in USA 2015

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Here is a list of the top 10 newspapers in USA in 2015 by circulation. The United States of America media is known as the Fourth estate means that it shares equal status as other branches of the government created by the constitution. The print and electronic media offers a wide range of information from political, economical, health, technology, education, entertainment, sports, opinions etc. It is the major platform for all advertisers to bring their products in front of public. Below is the list of top 10 US newspapers according to their circulation. The top rank is being competed by USA today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times whereas Newsday, Chicago Sun Times, Daily news are some of the prominent players.

10. Newsday

Newsday is an American daily newspaper serving most of the parts of New York Metropolitan areas.


Its circulation is predominantly in Nassau and Suffolk counties, Queens of Long Island. The newspaper was founded in 1940 and headquartered in Melville, New York, in Suffolk County. The newspaper comes in a tabloid format. It was honored with 19 Pulitzer Prizes for excellent journalism and extensive coverage of national, international and local news. Debbie Henley is the editor of the newspaper and Gordon McLeod serves as its publisher. In 2009 Newsday changed its website model to paid subscriber only model. Their only front page, classified ads and movie listings were visible rest all you have to pay to enter. As soon as it happened only 35 non-Newsday subscribers signed up for paid portal in first three months. also added many local features like ZIP code driven “News near you” and content-specific newsletters and alerts. In 2008 three top News houses – The News Corporation, the owner of Daily news, and James Dolan whose family controls cable television were interested to buy Newsday. Finally cable television finalized the bid and sale was completed on July 2008. There was a circulation scandal in 2004, which revealed that Newsday has inflated its daily and Sunday circulation. The Audit Bureau of Circulation adjusted its weekday and weekends circulation to 16 and 14.5 % respectively.

Circulation: 335,900

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