Top 10 Newspapers in USA 2015

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7. New York Post

New York Post is an American daily newspaper distributed primarily in New York and nearby areas.


It is the 13th-oldest newspaper in the United States established in 1801 by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton under the name of New York Evening Post. Currently the News corp owns it. The latest version of the newspaper is in tabloid format. The post is well known for its political leaning several times. In 20th century it was liberal, pro-labor paper, then in 1976 it turned to yellow journalism. Nowadays it’s well known for its racy front pages, including creaming headlines and juxtapositions that would be considered inappropriate in other papers. Rupert Murdoch bought the Post in 1976 who the shaped the editorial side of the post. Now Jesse Angelo holds the responsibility of the publisher and Col Allan is the editor. In 1996 the Post launched an Internet version of the paper naming The website underwent lot of changes and the current version continually updated breaking news; entertainment, business, and sports blogs; links to Page Six Magazine; photo and video galleries; photos submitted by users and comments; and streaming video from live events. There have been numerous controversies with the Post. Such cases include cases reported in Past at time of Boston Marathon Blasting. The Post covered a picture of the victim- Jewish Brooklyn businessman Menachem Stark, dressed in his traditional accompanied by the headline asking "Who didn't want him dead?" which created serious outrage. The Post is very famous for its sports section, which has been praised for its comprehensiveness. It is also popular for the gossip section –“ Page Six” by James Brady and columnist Cindy Adams.

Circulation: 414,139

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