Top 10 Newspapers in USA 2015

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6. The Washington Post

Washington Post is the most widely circulated paper in Washington DC.


It is the oldest paper founded in 1877. The newspaper is published in a broadsheet format having photographs printed in colored as well as in black and white. The Post has its main office at Northwest Washington D.C. It has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes. The journalists have also received Nieman Fellowship and white house photographer association award. Jeff Bezos bought the newspaper in 2013 for $250 million and Nash Holding LLC, which Bezos created as holding company only for acquisition, owns the paper. The newspaper is also known as the namesake of The Washington Post March, which was composed in 1889 by John Philip Sousa. The post is very popular for its political reporting on white House, congress and other functioning of the US government. It does not print any article for distribution away from east cost. The majority of the distribution is in Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia. The newspaper’s front page contains national and international news with political and editorial opinions. It contains metro section, style section, sports section and special section for classifieds advertising. In 2007 the newspaper was criticized by an independent journalist Robert Parry for reporting on anti-Obama chain emails without getting deeper into the false nature of these anonymous claims. Again in 2009 Parry criticized the paper for allegedly reporting on liberal politicians including Vice President Al Gore and Barack Obama. The Washington Post supports non-profits areas in Washington D.C that work for promotion in the field of art and education.

Circulation: 417,727

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