Top 10 Newspapers in USA 2015

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4. Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times, also known as the Times, is an everyday newspaper printed in Los Angeles, California, from 1881.

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It was the biggest metropolitan newspaper in circulation in the United States in 2008 and the most widely distributed newspaper in the country. In 2000, the Tribune Company bought the Los Angeles Times. By 2014, the Times had won 41 Pulitzer Prize, Times sportswriter Jim Murray won a Pulitzer in 1990.By the mid-1940s, the Times was the leading newspaper according to circulation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Los Angeles Mirror, an evening tabloid, to compete with the Daily News was launched in 1948. In 1954, the Mirror took over the Daily News. The merged paper, the Mirror-News, stopped publication in 1962, when the Hearst afternoon Los Angeles Examiner and the Herald-Express joined hands to from the Herald-Examiner. The Times was beset in the starting decade of the 21st century by a bankruptcy, change in the ownership, a fast succession of editors, decreases in paid circulation, reductions in staff and the urge to increase its Web presence. For two days in 2005, the Times tried with Wikitorial, the first Wiki by a major news printing company to allow readers to combine forces to determine their own editorial pieces. However, they have to shut it down after a few people besieged it with inappropriate material. In December 2008, the Tribune Company filed bankruptcy protection. The single print rate is $2. Since March 2015 the paper raised its daily price $0.50 (33.3%) to match its Sunday/Thanksgiving Day rate.

Circulation: 628,910

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