Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2015

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6. Russia

Russia, the world’s largest nation occupies almost all of the east Asia, with 17,098,242 km² area of land with a population of 144 million.

It has a GDP per capita of 14,611.70 USD (2013). Russia’s capital is Moscow and the country is famous for its Ballet dance, tennis players, and its Novelists (Tolstoy, Nabokov), and actors. According to world bank, Russian Federation has only 13.1% as agricultural land and agriculture is seeing a negative growth of 2% in 2013-14. Agriculture contrib-utes 3.94% to GDP while engaging less than 10% population in it. However, the climatic and geo-graphic factors limit Russia's agricultural activity to about 10 percent of the country's total land area.

Russia is known for the production of dairy and meat products. It leads the production of sugar beet, 2nd largest producer of sunflower seed and is the 4th largest producer of wheat and potatoes in the world.

Agriculture contribution to GDP (USD millions): 72440.979

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