Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2015

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5. Brazil

Brazil, located in heart of South America, covers 8,515,767 km² land and is home to 200.4 million population.

The country has a GDP per capita of 11,208.08 USD (2013) while agriculture contribution to GDP is only 5.71%. Services sector is the major contributor of GDP to the country’s econo-my. Brazil has only 33% area under agriculture and 15% of its population working in agricultural activities, according to world bank. Agricultural growth rate in the country for period 2013-14 was a good 7.3%. The growth is attributed to change in public policies hat favor average producers, such as rural credit and infrastructure investments.

Brazil’s capital city os Brasilia and the country is known for its Rio Carnaval, Amazon River, Brazil Nuts, Iguaçu Falls, Samba , Bossa Nova, and soccer and movie stars. Brazil is best known for cof-fee production and is also rich in sugar, soybeans, cocoa, banana, citrus, Cassava etc. It leads world in production of sugarcane, green coffee, and meat products. It is also the second largest producer of Soybeans and Corn and 5th largest producer of cotton. Brazil is also the World’s 5th largest ex-porter, after US, Netherlands, Germany and France.

Agriculture contribution to GDP (USD millions): 127063.35

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