Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2015

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1. China

China is a communist nation located in the East Asia is the most populous country with a population of about 1.36 billion covering 9,596,961 km² land.

According to world bank, 54.8% of China’s area is Agricultural Land and an agricultural growth rate of around 4% was attained in 2013-14. China’s capital is Beijing and is famous for the Terracotta Army, Century Eggs, Giant Panda, Feng Shui- Luck and Fortune, Li River, and The Great Wall of China. The country is also known for its famous Chinese tea consumed all over the world, the Tai Chi form of Martial Arts and few know that gun-powder, paper and printing was first invented by the Chinese. Being a huge country (3rd largest in the world), China has various climate zones ranging from subarctic to tropical regions and hence support production of maximum crops.

China is rich in agricultural products like field crops including wheat, millet, rice, coarse grains, Dairy products, Cotton, Oil bearing crops, Sugarcane, Tea, Meat and Aquatic products. Despite rich agricultural resources, China is a net importer. China has labour-intensive agriculture with 30 - 35% population involved in agricultural activities.

Agriculture contribution to GDP (USD millions): 944614.58


Ranking Methodology:

The agriculture contribution percentage to the GDP was studied for all the countries. From all the above, the total value of agriculture contribution in terms of USD was calculated for finalizing the ranks.

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