Top 10 Power Companies in World 2015

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4. Enel

Enel or National Entity for Electricity is an Italian power company involved in natural gas and electricity generation and distribution.

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It’s headquartered in Rome, Italy. With 14 companies operating in over 30 countries, serving 61 million end users worldwide, Enel is a leading player in the world’s power and gas markets. The journey of ENEL starts from 1962 through a government bill to unify the national electricity system. Following the oil crisis in 1975, Enel started reducing its dependence on hydrocarbons, instead increasing capabilities for other sources like hydro, thermal and nuclear energy. In 1992, the company was privatized with the Italian government retaining 25.5% share. This led to a slew of M&A deals and expansion of the renewable energy portfolio. Presently, 34% of net electricity generated is from renewables with hydroelectric having a lion’s share (78%) within it.

The organization is in the cusp of change with a new organization model coming into effect from July 31, 2014. Under this structure, the company will function through 5 divisions (Global Infrastructure & Networks, Global Generation, Renewable Energy, Global Trading and Upstream Gas) in 4 regions (Italy, Iberia, Latin America and Eastern Europe). While Divisions manage and develop assets, ensure returns on investments and sharing of best practices globally, the Regions handle the relationships with institutional bodies and regulatory authorities and providing sales, staff and other service support to the Divisions.

To supplement the organizational re-structuring and to seize emerging business opportunities, the group has embarked on a new industrial strategy as well. This new path will be fuelled by investments in promising growth markets, expanding positioning in present locations and renewables. Other focus areas include managing new smart distribution grids and expansion of value-added products and services in its portfolio for retail markets. A unique initiative, Enel has started an acceleration in Rome for 14 startups active in green technology field who were winners of the first INCENse call. It has planned to incubate further 28 startups in the second call of INCENse 2015.

Sales: $ 97.3 billion

Net Income: $ 0.7 billion

Asset: $ 201.6 billion

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