Top 10 Power Companies in World 2015

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2. Engie

Engie is a French multinational electric utility company, headquartered in La Defensé, Courbevoie.

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It is functioning in electricity generation and distribution, renewable energy and natural gas. Engie’s roots lie in Universal Suez Canal Company which was established to construct the Suez Canal. In 2008, a merger of Gaz de France and Suez led to the formation of GDF Suez. Later on, in 2015, GDF Suez was rechristened as Engie to de-emphasize its historical role and to emphasize the change in its business nature from gas to other forms of energy. Engie is presently at #98 in Forbes’ Global 2000 list.

Employing human resources in 70 countries, Engie is the largest company in the energy and power sector worldwide. It operates through 6 segments:

• Energy International: Involved in production, distribution and marketing of power and gas across 5 markets i.e. Latin America, North America, UK-Turkey, South Asia, Middle East & Africa and Asia-Pacific.

• Energy Europe: This segment replicates the functions of International segment for the European market. In 2014, it has traded 11,000 TWh of energy.

• Global Gas & LNG: It is in charge of exploration and production of natural gas and oil, supply and shipping of natural gas and liquefied natural gas and energy trading. With 346 exploration/production licenses across 17 countries, Engie produced 5.9 billion m3 of natural gas in the year 2014.

• Infrastructures: This segment builds and operates large natural gas transport infrastructures, regasification terminals and distribution networks

• Energy Services: It takes care of designing and implementation of environmental and energy efficiency solutions through the fields of engineering, installations and energy services.

Natural gas is the primary energy source for production, accounting for 56.4% of Engie’s total energy production. Engie has setup its base for sustainable energy production which evident from the fact that 16.5% of the total energy production is from renewable energy sources and 650 plants globally running on carbon light energy sources like natural gas, renewable energy and nuclear energy. To further its cause for sustainable energy, Engie has a heavy focus on R&D, investing € 162 million in it annually and having 7 research centres employing 800 researchers and technicians.

Sales: $ 99.1 billion

Net Income: $ 3.2 billion

Asset: $ 200 billion

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