Top 10 Online Companies by Valuation in World 2015

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 1. Google

Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is a multinational internet-related services and products company.


It offers a lot of products and services including google search appliance, Gmail, YouTube, google translate, android OS, etc. It generates revenue through highly targeted advertising and online search services through Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Its performance advertising charge customers on a cost-per-engagement basis. Google owns 70% of the market in search engine category followed by Bing with 10%. Google has been known for its innovation in IT world. For this, Google has adopted creative approaches such as working in short teams of three and using 20% of their working time on personal projects that might be fruitful for Google itself in near future. Google is currently working on clean energies and genetics. It is working on two projects- Google Ara project to build modular phones and Google Loon project to provide universal WiFi.

Enterprise value- $293.17B

Ranking criteria

Valuation of a company is represented by its enterprise value (EV). It is a measure of company’s total value, i.e. the price that an acquirer of the company would have to pay if the company were to be bought. It is calculated as market capitalization plus total debt of the company minus its total cash and short term investments. The valuation data are the latest obtained from various sources. All valuations are that of July 2015.

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