Top 10 Retail Companies in the World 2015

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Here is a list of the top 10 retail companies in the world 2015. The Retail industry is one of the fastest growing industry segments in the world. The revenue in retail industry is expected to reach over USD 20 trillion by 2017 with a CAGR of 3.9% over 2012-2017.

The retail industry comprises of organizations engaged in selling merchandise and commodities for household and personal consumption, mainly consisting of technological goods, apparels, food and beverages, specialty, pharmaceuticals, home improvement and others. Retail industry is also one of the largest employment providers of the world. Retail industry provides leverage for developing countries to provide manufactured goods to retail industry and grow faster.

10. Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health was established in the year 1971 by Robert D. Walter as a food wholesaler.

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The company changed its name to Cardinal Distribution, Incorporated in 1979 after acquiring Bailey Drug Company and then changed its name finally to Cardinal Health in 1994. Cardinal Health specializes in pharmaceutical products distribution and medical products.

Cardinal Health is listed in the Fortune 500 group of companies. The company is associated with over 100,000 pharmacies. Cardinal Health holds the United States largest network of radio-pharmacies. It also specializes in manufacturing medical and surgical products such as surgical apparel, gloves and fluid management products. The company provides the medical products and its private level products to over 75% of the pharmacies and hospitals in United States. The Cardinal Health Foundation made annual donations of over USD 9 million worth of products through relief organizations. The company has also spent over $7.5 million by helping over 240 hospitals setup better health care facilities and better health care products.

Cardinal Health houses to over 35,000 employees who are well trained to perform the sensitive task of pharmaceutical servicing. The company thrives in providing a diverse and inclusive environment. Cardinal Health provides benefit programs that meets the need of employee and its family. It also helps employee change their desired field and also has flexibility for transfer changes within company.

Cardinal Health conducts its business responsibly and with integrity and understands that the company’s success depends on the integrity of the business. The company very well takes care of its customers, employees and the stakeholders and this has made Cardinal Health to be one of the leading players in the World Retail industry.

Net Retail Revenue: USD 91.1 billion

Dominant operational format: Drug store/Pharmacy

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