Top 10 Retail Companies in the World 2015

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8. Lidl

Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG is a German retail giant and was founded in the year 1940 by Schwarz family and was named Schwarz Lebensmittel-Sortimentsgroßhandlung.

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The company was later named to Schwarz Unternehmens Treuhand KG and changed its name to Lidl in 2014. Lidl is a discount supermarket chain belonging to the holding company Schwarz Gruppe, which also holds store chains Handelshof and Kaufland.

Lidl holds over 9800 stores in over 28 countries globally. Lidl stores are present in each of the member states of European Union excluding Switzerland and Baltic states. The divisions of Lidl stores are Discount stores, hypermarkets, Supercentres and Superstores. Lidl takes pride in providing products at lowest possible prices keeping the top quality of the product intact. The company is planned to open its store chains in countries like Serbia, Lithuania, Australia, United States, Russia, Morocco and Namibia. Lidl follows a no-frills approach wherein they keep the products displayed in the original cartons that were used to bring in the product. Once the customers empty the box, it is simply replaced by a new carton.

Lidl employs over 315,000 members in its stores present across the countries. They are trained and well-groomed to be friendly with customers and at the same time creating sustaining efforts to elongate the company’s operations and help expand. Lidl supports inter-departmental and intercompany transfers and seeks regular feedbacks so as to make a workable environment for its employees.

For Lidl, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority. It also focuses on providing value for money products with quality. It also focuses on continuous growth and improvements thus helping its stakeholders to grow with it as well. This has led Lidl to become one of the key players in the retail industry of the world.

Net Retail Revenue: USD 98.3 billion

Dominant operational format: Discount store

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