Top 10 Retail Companies in the World 2015

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7. Carrefour S.A.

Carrefour S.A. is a multinational retail company based out of France.

The company was established in the year 1958 when the Fournier, Badin and Defforey families came together for a common goal of creating a market space homing most of the retail goods under one roof. Known for its best-in-class hypermarkets, Carrefour has established itself as one of the key players in the global retail business.

Carrefour ranks 64 among the Fortune 500 companies worldwide. It operates in over 33 countries of the world and has over 11,900 stores in operation. The operations for Carrefour are run through its owned business retail stores and through subsidiaries and franchisees. The company has 5680 stores in France, 4711 stores in Europe excluding France, 840 stores in Latin America, 396 stores in Asia and 283 stores in other locations such as North Africa, Middle East and Dominican Republic. The company operates under 5 main divisions of Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Hard discount stores, Convenience stores and Cash & Carry stores.

The company employs over 340,000 associates and are strategically located across its stores in the world. The company values the local culture sensitivity and focuses on employing local associates as face of the store to have better connectivity among the population. The companies supply chain is best in class and hence it delivers one of the most economic products among the top retail brands.

Carrefour involves itself and its business in the means of helping people and the community it operates in. It works with associations and shares its know-how of doing business with its employees thus enhancing its business sustainability. Working in partnership with its stakeholders and growing along, Carrefour has established itself as one of the giants in the retail industry in the world.

Net Retail Revenue: USD 101.535 billion

Dominant operational format: Hypermarket/Supercentre/Superstore

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