Top 10 Countries by GDP 2015

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6. France

According to Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2010, France is the wealthiest nation in the world.


It has a GDP of $2.846 trillion as of 2014.

The economy of France is largely dependent on tourism because France is one of the most visited places in the world for leisure. France ranks 6th in the world by nominal GDP and 9th by PPP. The country had a growth of 0.9% in Q1 Jan 2015. Per capita GDP is $41,141. Services is the largest contributor to GDP at 79.8 %. Tourism is the biggest service sector. France the 3rd most popular tourist destination with more than 81.9 million foreign tourists in 2007 ahead of Spain and USA. Paris has the second highest Fortune 500 company Headquarters. Paris is the home to company headquarters of more Fortune 500 Global companies than New York, Beijing, Munich or London. Tokyo has more Fortune 500 companies than Paris. Unemployment rate in France is 10.3 % .French Government is heavily under debt which reached €1,833 billion. This was equivalent to 91% of the French GDP. The European Union mandates that the members should limit their debt level to 60% of their GDP. Due to heavy debts the credit ratings of the country have been reduced twice from AAA to AA by Fitch and Standard and Poor. France has the top individual tax rate slab as 45 % and the highest corporate tax slab rate is 34.3%. there is no minimum capital required in France to start a business making its ease of doing business rank quite high.

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