Top 10 Countries by GDP 2015

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1. United States of America

USA has the highest GDP in the world.


US GDP value is $17.4 trillion as of 2014.

This comprises 22% of the world’s GDP. Since the 1890’s the United States of America has been the largest economy (not including the colonial empire). It is also the third largest producer of oil and gas. Real estate, lending and leasing is the highest contributor to GDP (13%) followed by finance, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors. Agriculture comprises 1% contribution to GDP. The private sector employs 91% of working Americans. Government accounts for 8% of all US workers. Retail trade employs 10% of the total population. US households have the highest net income among the OECD nations. The financial market of United States of America is known to be one of the most powerful and influential markets in the world. So much so that the financial crisis of 2008 affected countries all over the world. The reason is USA is the highest trading nations of the world. NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is the largest stock market by market capitalisation. American has invested over $3.3 trillion in foreign countries while foreign investments made in the US total almost $2.4 trillion. 128 out of 500 largest Fortune 500 companies are based out of the United States of America

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The data given in the list is compiled by International Monetary Fund in 2014

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