Top 10 PC and Laptop Brands in World 2015

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5. Acer

Founded by Stan Shih and his wife Carolyn Yeh with a group of five others in 1976, Acer was given a name Multitech.

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The company has got its headquarters at Hsinchu City, Taiwan. The company had 11 emplyees initially and $25000 in capital initially. By 2005, Acer had employed 7800 people worldwide with revenues of 11.31 in 2006.Acers lower costs and dedication to only one channel has made it on eof the successful companies in the world. It was November 2013, when CEO J.T.Wang and President Jim Wong both resigned due to company's financial performance. In July 2011, Acer bought iGware Inc. for $320 million to enter into one of the most potentially lucrative markets of cloud computing. Acer was rated 7th highest of 24 consumer electronics companies for its Enough Project. Today, Acer is giving tough competition to other companies in the laptop and computers market and is in our top 10 brands of laptops and computers according to its market share.

Acer market share - 10.0%

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