Top 10 Consumer Electronics Companies in the World 2016

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7. Sony

Sony Corporation, commonly is a Japan based Multinational Corporation and is considered as one of the biggest electronics brand. It is currently headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Sony has ventured into consumer electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. Sony ranks 116th on the 2015 Fortune Global 500 & nearly 17% of its operating revenues during the fiscal year 2015 was from its game and network services, along with another 17% from its mobile communications products.


Home entertainment formed another 15% of their revenues. Sony's financial services accounted for 13%. Devices accounted for around 10%. Sony’s one of the most famous brands is the PlayStation launched in 1994. The latest version of the gaming console is called the PlayStation 4, currently the best-seller in the world. Sony pictures founded in 1991 accounts for revenue of $8 billion. The entertainment house has produced several hit movies like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Casino Royal and the Rocky series. Sony has ventured into virtual reality through Project Morpheus and a range of smart watches. Sony’s 4K HDTVs under the Bravia is an innovative leader among HDTVs.

Return on Equity is the prime focus and is to be included as the major performance indicator for Sony’s recent strategy. ROE is set to be achieved more than 10% and operating profit marked is around 500 billion yen. The domains of Sony are to be marked as a "growth driver," "stable profit generator," or "area focusing on volatility management". These business groups are then allocated a fixed target in terms of operating profit and Return on Equity. Devices, Game & Network Services, Pictures, and Music are the three major business units marked by Sony to drive growth and improve profitability in the recent future. Heavy capital infusion and asset growth can be expected in the above mentioned areas to achieve the standards and profits earmarked by Sony.

Sales Revenue: $ 73.75 billion

Profits: $ 1.34 billion

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