Top 10 Automobile Companies in the World 2016

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8. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is the top-selling and namesake marque of the Volkswagen Group.Volkswagen A.G., a company born in the shadow of Nazism, rose to become one of the world’s largest automobile company.

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Company also led the trend among automakers to locate production facilities in emerging international markets such as China, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. By the mid-1990s it maintained plants in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Yugoslavia, Argentina, and Belgium.

VW is one of the most popular global brand names, which has been known for its aggressive marketing and advertising as well. Volkswagen’s recent scam of emission standards affects its ranking because of major strike to its brand value and hope to regain it under leadership of newly appointed CEO Matthias Müller. Volkswagen has cars across all segments i.e. sedan, hatchback and SUVs. The average annual sales volume around the world is 9.9 Bn. With top selling cars such as Polo, Beetle and Golf in portfolio, company announces to launch VW Up and VW Ameo around Sept’16 in India. With many new launches planned in the coming years, Volkswagen is trying to regain the throne back. Volkswagen has presence in motorsports and hybrid cars as well. VW offers a truly comprehensive selection of vehicles, individualized through body design and elegance, but also through technology, safety features and quality.

Revenue: USD 241,019 million

Net income: USD (1549) million

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