Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2016

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7. ZTE

ZTE is a global leader in manufacturing smartphones, which was formed in the year 1985 in China, and has a global presence.


ZTE has an extremely strong expertise in manufacturing smartphones and is not only a top player in China, but also a leader in the world. The company boosts of a strong workforce of nearly 70,000 employees, and a product portfolio having phones, tablets, softwares, telecom services etc.


ZTE has a wide product portfolio in the smartphones segment. Some of the most noticeable phones manufactured by ZTE are listed below:

- Blade series

- Axon series

- Nubia series

- Zmax series

- Grand series

ZTE offers phones starting from a low end cheap phones with basic features to a more advanced mid-segment variety, and also cover exclusive premium high-end devices loaded with features like high resolution camera, apps, advanced operating system etc. ZTE is a very big global brand, which is understood by its presence in the telecom segment. It has global partnerships with global telecom services like Vodafone, China mobile, Telstra etc.

ZTE has been very particular with its branding and marketing activities across the world. Teasers through print ads of new phones like ZTE Axon 7 have enticing customers to consider ZTE phones as a lucrative and value for money product.

Total Shipments: 56 million units

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