Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2016

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4. Lenovo Motorola

In 2011, Motorola became a subsidiary of Lenovo, when it acquired the mobile division from Motorola Inc, making it one of the strongest mobile and smartphone manufacturer in the world.

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The Lenovo Motorola Company is based out of Illinois in the United States of America, and has a global presence. The company has a strong expertise in smartphones, tablets, smart watches etc and has a workforce in excess of 3400 employees.


With Lenovo as its parent company, Motorola has a strong financial backing and hence huge amount of money is put in research and development, and innovation is considered a USP for the brand. In 2015, Lenovo and Motorola completely merged its operations with each other and collectively focused on design, manufacturing of mobile phones. However, with constant transfer of ownership of the company from one company to another, there was a phase where there were significant layoffs in the company.

Some of the biggest names made by Motorola mobile phones are mentioned below:

- Moto G

- Moto X

- Moto E

- Moto Maxx

- Moto Razr

The company is also a leader in innovative offerings like smart-watches like Moto 360, which have enabled the company to increase their overall sales.

Motorola also has a unique value proposition where it allows its consumers to customize their own phones as per their own needs and requirements. The company has constantly endeavoured to maximise its brand visibility through ad campaigns on TV, print, online media. Also, sponsorships have given the brand unparalleled visibility which has boosted the sales across the world.

Total Shipments: 72 million units

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