Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2016

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2. Apple

Apple Inc, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976 is easily one of the most well recognized brand across the world especially for its brands like Mac and iPhones.

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Apple is a global leader in manufacturing smartphones, consumer electronics, software etc, which has its presence across the world. In terms of its global reach, the company has close to 100 exclusive stores in over 15 countries, but the products are sold in over 40 countries through online stores.


In 2007, Steve Jobs released the first ever iPhone, smart phone brand which has ever since been a pioneer in innovation, style and an iconic gadget one seeks to have. With new launches every year, the iPhone 6 was released with much fanfare in 2014. It was also accompanied by iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. The features of these phones included a high definition 12 MP camera with a 5MP front camera. Along with that, a new technology known as 3D was introduced for the first time. The latest phones released by Apple are:

- iPhone 6

- iPhone 6S

- iPhone 6S Plus

- iPhone SE

The exclusivity of iPhone is further enhanced by its access to more than a million apps in the Apple store, which can be used by its users for free or for a charge. Along with the iPhone phones, the company has also been aggressively pushing its smartwatch, which can be compatible with all the iPhones released after iPhone5.

Apple Inc, with its half-eaten apple as its logo, is one of the most popular logos with a top of the mind recall. Marketing and branding has been a pivotal aspect of the growth of the brand Apple. The company promoted its iPhone6 brand by selecting photographs from its users, and displaying selected entries across the world through hoardings, OOH, banners and more. This was not only an exclusive way of linking with its customers, it was also a way of showing how good its own camera was.

Total Shipments: 225 million units

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