Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in India 2016

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9. Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd

Oracle Financial Services Software is a owned subsidiary of Oracle Corporation.


It is considered in the Indian IT companies list as it operates independently and reports its own financial results.  It caters to the financial and banking industry. It was initially known as i-Flex but after acquisition by Oracle it is now called Oracle Financial Services.


It is headquartered in Mumbai. To begin with it  was part of Citibank and was called CITIL. Everything changed after launch of Flexcube software platform made by the company. It was later named i-Flex. Oracle acquired 83% stake in the company and renamed it to current Oracle Financial Services Software. It is mainly known for its banking platform FLEXCUBE which is a complete banking suite and has various sub parts like

1) Core Banking

2) Investor Servicing

3) Private Banking

4) Direct Banking etc

It also has various products for Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance (KYC etc) and CRM.  OFSS has global presence and is doing well. It is ranked 10th in this year’s list.

Revenue: Rs 3717 Crore

Profit: Rs 928.85 Crore

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