Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in World 2016

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4. Oracle Corporation

Oracle like SAP is a major enterprise software provider in the world. In fact SAP and Oracle are biggest competitors. Oracle is known for its acquisitions.


Oracle led by Larry Ellison is not only present in the database and server technologies but is also a giant in Enterprise software(Oracle Apps and now Oracle Fusion). Larry Ellisson who is also one of the founders is currently the Chairman and CTO of the company with Safra Catz serving as the company’s current CEO along with Mark Hurd.

Oracle has a large suite of products in the enterprise market

1) Oracle Applications

2) Oracle Fusion

3) Oracle Fusion Middleware

4) Oracle Database

5) Java

Oracle is also present in hardware business after acquisition of SUN. in this list we have taken the software/IT business revenues and figures. Oracle is present worldwide with customers in all geographies across the globe. It has more than 135000 employees across the world. Oracle is also quite well known for its acquisitions. It acquired a lot of big companies for growth like SUN, BEA etc. Oracle is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. Oracle has formed alliances with all major IT companies like SAP to help them integrate and support Oracle software in a better way. Oracle is a big brand and like SAP a lot of IT professionals depend upon Oracle for their career. Oracle offers lot of certifications through various partners.

Revenue: 29037 Million $ (Dec-Nov)

Profit: 9198 Million $

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