Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2016

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5. Pepsico

PepsiCo, Inc. is one of the largest consumer goods company globally, primarily engaged in production, marketing and sales of different types of foods, beverage and snacks products.

It is headquartered in New York and it has 274,000 employees. The company was found by Caleb Bradham, an American pharmacist in late 1890s and now the company operates in the America , Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa and has a presence in over 200 countries.

It expanded through acquisitions of beverage like Mountain Dew and merger of Pepsi and Fritolay PepsiCo in its present form was created.  PepsiCo aims to be largest food and Beverages Company.  Pepsico has followed the route of growth through series of acquisition of brands like Geotorade , Tropicana and others like Quarter oats. PepsiCo also had a decent share in food outlets like Pizza hut, Taco Bell,  KFC etc but in 1997 they diluted their stake with the main purpose of focusing on snacks and beverages businesses.

PepsiCo has also contributed in a philanthropic program since 1962 called the PepsiCo Foundation,  through which they are  primarily focusses on education, nutrition & activity, safe water and water usage efficiencies,  according to the foundation's website. In the era of multiple marketing channels, including video ads, digital social media and television networks, PepsiCo is looking at a much more better and effective way to reach its consumers via multiple channels. For this company is Creating content in its own studio as it gives the company better control over its marketing campaign.

Revenue (mn): 63056 $

Profit (mn): 5452 $

Market Cap(mn): 14576 $

Globally known brands: 19

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