Top 10 Telecom Companies of the World 2016

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1. AT&T

AT&T is one the most prominent names in the telecom industry, which is based out of Texas in United States of America, and is a global name in telecom industry worldwide.

The company has a strong workforce and the total number of employees are over 240,000+. The company has over 130 million subscribers worldwide, which shows how well it treats its customers and how attached the customers are connected to the brand & its services.

The company has a rich culture and history ever since it was formed in the year 1983. Earlier, the brand was named American Telephone and Telegraph Company. The company has established itself as a global player in the telecom industry and has diversified its business by having several subsidiaries. Some of the major subsidiaries of AT&T are AT&T Corporation, Southwestern Bell, BellSouth, Cricket Wireless, DirecTV etc.

AT&T has been effective with its marketing, and has been a pioneer in advertising and sponsorship. Some of the main sponsorships done by the company include MLS soccer teams & events, Olympics teams, gymnastics etc. The brand name being a top of the mind recall has been associated with several venues, stadiums, buildings etc, which works mutually well for both the brand name of the company as well as the buildings.

Being a global leader, the company has often faced legal issues and allegations. The company has made strategic acquisitions, which have boosted the company’s overall position in the market.

Revenues (billion): $146.80

Profit (billions): $13.35

Number of users (millions): 130

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1) Sample of 15 telecom companies was made

2) Financial data on Revenue and Profit along with number of subscribers was collected from latest reported data

3) The companies were ranked on a common factor ( weightage : 40% Revenue, 30% Profit and 30% Subscribers)

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