Top 10 Fast Food Brands in the World 2016

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3. KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC is known for its ‘finger lickin’ good’ fried chicken and is a global name in the fast food industry.

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KFC is a fast food restaurant chain with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1932, he opened his franchisee in 1952 and now it is one of the biggest fast food franchisees.


It all started during the Great Depressions, when a 12 year old Sanders was forced to take up a job to support his family. The skill of cooking fried chicken was the only skill he possessed and it made him built the entire empire. The secret recipe is actually very fiercely guarded in a vault in their headquarters. It is the second largest chain of fast-food after McDonald’s. A subsidiary of Yum! Brands, KFC has created its own brand image synonymous to fried chicken. Due to its pricing and sumptuous meals, it has gained a huge popularity worldwide. Recently, it changed its slogan from ‘finger lickin good’ to ‘so good’ after it was having problems in China, one of the largest market for KFC where the old slogan translated into “eating your fingers” sending ambiguous signals to the public. The slogan change was also to rebrand itself as a healthy food restaurant owing to its drop in sales worldwide.

In 1980, PepsiCo bought KFC for $840 million and now it is being operated by Yum! Brands, spun-off fast food division of PepsiCo. Though it faced problems in the domestic market after the entry of new competitors, it was a runaway success in the international market with almost double the revenues generated in the international market, especially China, than the US market. As of today, KFC boasts more than 11000 restaurants located in more than 180 countries worldwide.

No of Restaurants-11798

CEO- Muktesh Pant

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