Top 10 Bike Companies in the World 2016

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Two-wheelers and motorcycles have grown steadily over the years, and most certainly in growing economies like India and China, along with rest of the world. It offers the quickest and cheapest mode of transport for an individual, and a variety of options as per the customers desire. The top bike companies has brands like Honda Motor Company, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha & Hero Motocorp. Bajaj Auto, Kawasaki, BMW Motorcycles, TVS motorcycles are other motorcycle brands along with Piaggio and Royal Enfield, which complete the top ten list. Here is a list of top 10 bike Companies in the world 2016 based on Revenue, Net Profit and Number of units sold.

10. Royal Enfield

Enfield Cycle Company (founded in 1893) manufactured motorcycles, Lawn movers, bicycles and engines under the name Royal Enfield.

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It is based in Redditch, Worcestershire & has been recognized for its strong and sturdy looks and performance. The first motorcycle was built in 1901 and the Enfield Cycle Company was responsible for the design and production of Royal Enfield Bullet, the bike that lived longest because of its design in the history and remained in production since 1932.

Enfield Cycle Company started as the weapons manufacturer and was popular for the Enfield rifle. This legacy is also reflected in the logo that has cannons and the motto- “Made like a gun”.

Royal Enfield entered in India by partnering with Madras Motors and is based in Chennai. Royal Enfield has relied on its single cylinder engine for almost 60 years. The new Himalayan which is set to launch in 2016 comes up with new engine platform that is hoped to set new records.

Royal Enfield mainly manufactures bikes in higher CC segment- Continental GT which is mainly built for speed and handling was much popular among British motorcyclists in early 1960’s. Thunderbird that comes in two variants- 350cc and 500cc, is famous for its cruising experience in highways and was popular in America from 1930’s to 1960’s. Classic, a retro motorcycle which is famous mainly for its reliability, fuel efficiency and styling.

Royal Enfield is present in more than 50 countries worldwide that determines its strong global presence. It is also famous for bringing the owners of the bike together and organize adventure trips from time to time. Riders get to interact with each other and get a chance to unite as member of Royal Enfield family and its main characteristic is its design and engine sound- that will never fade.

Revenues: $0.82 Bn

Net Profit: $49.6 Mn

Number of Units Sold: 498791

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