Top 10 Countries by GDP 2016

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6. France

The nominal GDP of France stands at $ 2,464.790 billion. It makes France the sixth largest economy in the world.

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The PPP GDP of France is at $2,703.380 billion. According to purchasing power parity France is ranked at 9th place in the world & after Germany and the United Kingdom, France is the third biggest economy of Europe.


Services sector in France contributes 79% in the composition of its GDP. Industries contribute 19.3% while Agriculture contributes up to 1.7%. The services sector of France is also strengthened by its tourism industry. Paris is one the most attractive tourist destination in the world. More than 80 million tourists visit France every year.

Population of France is 66.63 million. It has total 27444.30 people employed. The employment rate is at 64.60 percent. The GDP nominal per capita in France is $38,458.

Most of the export and imports of France is concentrated in the Europe itself. Total exports of is at $40751.76 million. Its main export partners are Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain. France exported machines, engines, pumps worth US$57.3 billion constituting 11.3% of total exports. Next comes in export list Aircraft, spacecraft $54 billion (10.7% of total exports).

While the imports of France are $ 45644.79 million. Its main import partners are Germany, Belgium, Italy and Netherlands. France imported $66.9 billion worth of Machinery in 2015 which constituted 11.7% of its total imports. Oil imports stood at $60.2 billion which were 10.5% of total imports.

The inflation rate in France is -0.20% and interest rate is 0%. It is a developed economy. The corporate tax rate is 33.30%.

GDP: $2464 Bn

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