Top 10 Countries by GDP 2016

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4. Germany

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world and largest economy in Europe.

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Its nominal GDP is $3,467.780 billion & its GDP by purchasing power parity is $3,934.660 billion. Its GDP per capita of $41,955 makes it 20th richest country in the world & thr GDP growth rate of Germany is 0.70%.


Its inflation rate is -0.70%. Consumer Price Index (CPI) is 107.10. The interest rate is at 0%.

GDP of Germany is constituted mainly by Services sector accounting for 69.1% of its GDP. Industries contribute by 30.2% while Agriculture contributes 0.7%. Germany is also fourth in contribution to the industry sector of the GDP of the world. In Germany every year many trade fairs are organized. Germany is the host of around two thirds of the world’s leading trade fairs.

Germany has a population of 81.20 million. It has total 43389.00 thousand people employed. The unemployment rate in Germany is 4.20%. Average wages per month in Germany is $ 3947.72.

Total German exports account for $ 119707.53 million. It has export relations with France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and United States. Germany exported vehicles worth US$ 249 billion constituting 18.7% of total exports. Next comes in export list machinery worth $ 226.1 billion (17% of total exports).

The total imports account for $ 90574.78 million. Its main import partners are Netherlands, France, Belgium and China. Germany imported machines, engines, pumps worth US$ 132.9 billion constituting 12.7% of total imports. Next comes in import list electronic equipment worth $ 124.1 billion (11.8% of total imports). This makes balance of trade at $29101.41 million.

GDP: $3467 Bn

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