Top 10 Countries by GDP 2016

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3. Japan

Japan is at 3rd position in the list of countries by GDP nominal. Its nominal GDP is $4,412.600 billion.

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According to purchasing power parity Japan is fourth largest economy in the world. Its GDP by PPP is $4,901.100 billion & Japan’s GDP per capita PPP is $38,216 making it the 29th richest country in the world.


GDP of Japan is constituted mainly by Services sector accounting for 72.2% of its GDP. Industries contribute by 26.6% while Agriculture contributes 1.2%. Japan is also third in contribution to the industry sector of the GDP of the world.

Japan has a population of 126.82 million of which 63870 thousand are employed. The unemployment rate in Japan is at 3.2%. Japan is estimated to have a sharp decline in its working-age population by 2050. It will go down to 55.2 million which was 81.2 million in 2010.

The export of Japan accounts for $53.81 billion. Its main export partners are China, United States, South Korea and Thailand. Japan exported vehicles worth US$ 134 billion constituting 21.4% of total exports. Next comes in export list machinery worth $ 117.7 billion (18.8% of total exports).

Its total import accounts for $46.29 billion. Main import partners of Japan are China, United States, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Japan imported oil worth US$ 151 billion constituting 23.3% of total imports. Next comes in import list electrical equipment worth $ 90.2 billion (13.9% of total imports).

GDP of Japan is growing at the rate of 0.4%. The inflation rate and interest rates are at -0.10%. The balance of trade is $ 7.51 billion. Japan has total of $ 1262509 million foreign exchange reserves. Corporate tax rate is at 33.06%.

GDP: $4412 Bn

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