Top 10 Countries by GDP 2016

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1. United States

United States is ruling the list of countries by GDP nominal. Its nominal GDP is at $ 18,558.130 billion.

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It is way ahead than many of next economies combined as its GDP by Purchasing Power Parity is at $ 18,558.130 billion and it is at second place in terms of GDP by purchasing power parity. Its GDP per capita nominal is $56,421 making it the fifth richest country in the world.


US is home to many entrepreneurs. The capitalist economy of US promoted development of several industries.

GDP of Japan is constituted mainly by Services sector accounting for 79.6% of its GDP. Industries contribute by 19.7% while Agriculture contributes 0.6%. United States contributes 22% of the global GDP.

US is the fourth largest country in the world by area. It has abundant natural resources. Its advanced infrastructure and high productivity makes it one the largest trading countries in the world. United States is the biggest producer of oil and natural gas.

US has a population of 321.57 million of which 151004 thousand are employed. The unemployment rate in US is at 5%. The inflation rate is 1.1% and interest rate is at 0.5%. Corporate tax is levied at 39%.

The export of US accounts for $1.505 trillion. Its main export partners are Canada, Mexico, China and Japan. US exported machinery worth US$ 205.8 billion constituting 13.7% of total exports. Next comes in export list electronic equipment worth $ 169.8 billion (11.7% of total exports).

Its total import accounts for $2.309 trillion. Main import partners of US are China, Canada, Mexico and Japan. US imported electronic equipment worth US$ 332.9 billion constituting 14.4% of total imports. Next comes in import list machinery worth $ 329.3 billion (14.3% of total imports).

GDP: $18858 Bn

Ranking Methodology:

Top 10 countries were shortlisted based on their nominal GDP

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