Top 10 Companies in Asia 2016

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Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. – ICBC, founded in 1984 and headquartered in Beijing, is a leading bank in providing commercial banking and financial services.

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This multinational banking company, which is one of China's 4 largest state-owned commercial banks, holds a record of being the largest bank in the world by market capitalization, net profit and total assets. ICBC is listed in both Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges, which shows its strong market position and financial capability.


This remarkable financial power of ICBC constituted a significant platform for mitigating risks, accumulating strategies for growth enhancement and assisting in innovative transformation that involved less asset-intensive and capital-intensive operations to aid in the balance and coordination of both capital support and profit growth.

ICBC operates in the following business segments: Corporate Banking Segment, which offers trade financing , corporate loans, deposit-taking, corporate wealth management and services; Personal Banking Segment, that provides personal loans, personal wealth management, and other intermediary services; Treasury Operations Segment, that involves investment securities, money market transactions, foreign exchange transactions; and Others segment, that represents the leasing services, and other miscellaneous services and indirect expenses.

The company holds a revenue of $172.35 billion and a profit of $42.2 billion in the financial year ending 2015.

The Bank held its focus in continuously improving people’s livelihood concerned financial services involving interbank cooperation and thereby consolidated partnership with several customers efficiently. ICBC was a leader in the market in terms of number of third-party custody and ranked first in the banking industry for the amount of central finance and government business cards in agency service and local government bonds by being a lead underwriter.

Revenue= $172.35Bn

Profit= $42.2Bn

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