Top 10 Companies in France 2016

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5. EDF

Electricite de France SA, widely known as EDF, is one of the largest electricity producers in the world.

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It was found in 1946 by the then Industrial production minister of France, Marcel Paul and its headquarters are situated in Paris, France. The company was formed as a result of the nationalization of nearly 1700 small domestic energy producers.

Before the integration, the company was completely owned by the French government. After the nationalization, EDF was the sole distributor of electricity in France apart from few other local distributors owned by the government. This monopoly was ended in 1999 when the company was forcefully asked to open up its 20% of the business to other competitors. Later, in 2004, the French government gave the status of Limited Liability Corporation as per the state private Laws to EDF. EDF is known as the first producer of renewable electricity in Europe.

The company’s main operations involve generation of electricity, transmission network, distribution systems, Energy supply and trading. Major areas the company operates in are France, Germany, Italy and other European countries along with the operations in partnership with the affiliates in other regions in America and Asia. In Europe, the company mainly uses nuclear and hydraulic production facilities which are very effective in producing 95% of the total electricity generated without CO2 emissions. EDF also generates more than 77% of its electricity from Nuclear power.

The company currently employs over 160,000 as of 2015 serving more than 38.5 million customers across the markets, including nearly 28 million in France. In 2015, The Company has generated consolidated sales of $83.2 billion of which nearly 47% has been generated from other European countries excluding France which is an example of the company’s expansion capabilities in other European countries over the years.


Total Assets: $303 billion

Net Sales: $83.2 billion

Net Profits: $0.66 billion

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