Top 10 Companies in France 2016

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2. Credit Agricole

Credit Agricole is an international banking network of French cooperative and mutual banks founded in 1885.

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It is nicknamed and famously known as Green Bank as it is historically tied to Agriculture and farming. It is headquartered in Montrouge, France.

The company’s birth can be attributed to the scenario in later half of the 19th century, where many French farmers struggled to obtain long term loans, banking credits to help in their farming. After many unsuccessful attempts by the government and various other institutions, Credit Agricole emerged successful in setting up farm unions and local mutual banks. Later in 20th century, the company expanded into multiple banking domains gradually to become a universal bank offering broad range of services in Retail banking, Private banking, Investment banking, Wealth management, Credit cards and mortgage services etc.

The company is a well-diversified international group comprising of 39 cooperative and regional banks. All the group companies are known for their history and culture and also for the commitment and collaboration among the members. The common values all the group companies adopt are Local presence, Agricultural and rural Solidarity, Responsibility. Each of these group companies share these common qualities which are sources of robustness and sustained growth.

The company is primarily operating in France with expanded operations in other European countries. In 2015, the company maintained its growth by generating consolidated sales worth $38.2 billion with a growth of 4.2% percent year on year. Total assets amounted to $1661.3 billion which are the largest for any bank in France.


Total Assets: $1661.3 billion

Net Sales: $38.2 billion

Net Profits: $3.9 billion

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