Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in the World 2016

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9. Godfathers

Godfather’s Pizza was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1973 following the launch of Godfather movie.

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The unique concept and quality pizza had generated popularity in the region. Over years, it has grown to 640 locations with traditional restaurants offer great pizza as pie because of quality toppings on mountains of mozzarella cheese over the thick crust holding it together.


It has offered carryout and delivery segments in the non-traditional stores located in universities, airports and convenience stores. The success of its restaurants chain is attributed to its commitment to excellence along with its high quality tasty pizza prepared by dedicated people. Godfather’s mission is to provide good quality food and service with profits. Pursuing its simple mission, it has developed a reputation and expanded to around 40 states in US.

Godfather’s first franchise restaurant was opened in 1974 in Lincoln, NE. In early 1980s the marketing slogan “A pizza you can’t refuse” has attracted the customers to Godfather’s Pizza. In 1982, with 682 restaurants, Godfather’s pizza chain has become the second largest pizza restaurant chain in United States. In 1985, Pillsbury acquired Diversifoods, Inc which own Godfathers Pizza and Herman Cain become the new president. Godfather’s pizza attracted the Chocolate lovers around the world by offering Big Chocolate chip cookie with the size of nine inches. In response to the people suffering allergies, Godfather’s pizza introduced a Gluten-Free line pizza in 2009. In 2011, towards it commitment to offer quality food to customers, Godfather’s pizza has introduced low-calorie pizza of 150-180 calories per slice of crust. Understanding the growing big parties, Godfather’s pizza has produced a BigShot pizza with 30 inch round, 2.5 pounds of cheese and 52 slices.

Total Revenue: $113.7 Mn

Number of Stores: 640

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