Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in the World 2016

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5. Little Caesars

Little Caesars restaurant was started by Micheal and Marian Ilitch at Garden City, Michigan in 1959.

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It was started as a snack food in the name of “Pizza” during World War II. The promising growth in the pizza food chain and passion to start a pizza business made the founders to invest $10,000 towards opening their first Little Caesars pizza restaurant in 1959.


Little Caesar innovate in every aspect to differentiate itself from other chain like restaurants without tables and chairs. Mike created a conveyor type oven in order to bake pizza quickly and consistently to meet the growing demand. Little Caesars established stores in never-served-before places such as colleges, military bases and sporting arena. Since its inception, Little Caesars believe in quality and value as their core values. Moreover the brand also associates passion, commitment, fun and family focus. With the success in the restaurants chain, Little Caesars own businesses in sports and entertainment sector to diversify their business portfolio.

Through innovation and operational efficiency, Little Caesars offer HOT-N-READY Pizza to customers immediately when they check-in to the restaurants which significantly reduces the waiting time of customers. With the introduction of Pizza!Pizza!, Little Caesars marketed “buy one get one free” concept of pizza to customers. In 1969, Little Caesars opened its first international store in Canada, in waterloo, Ontario. In 2006, Little Caesars Veterans program was introduced to provide significant discounts and credits to veterans who was transitioning into different career path and in pursuit of opening their own Little Caesars restaurant. Little Caesars committed to many social activities like support for many charities and family causes. Still, Little Caesars is a family owned business which is headed by its founders.

Total Revenue: $286.6 Mn

Number of Stores: 2500

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