Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2016

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Agriculture is the backbone for any economy in the world. Countries which are able to produce their own food have a strong and robust growth, as the farming popular is the reason for a sustained supply of crops and food. The top agricultural countries are China, India, United States and Indonesia, followed by Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Australia and France. Here is the list of the top 10 agricultural countries in the world in 2016. 

10. France

France is located in Western Europe. France today employs about 3.5% of population in agriculture.

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Farms are huge in size than they were 50 years ago and has a size of about 55 -60 hectares after the land consolidation and reorganization. Now in urban France there are 490,000 farms and around 24,800 in other regions.


This is called Utilized Agricultural Area has been divided into 3 major crops: cereals and forage crops, area under grass and perennial crops like vineyards and orchards. France is agriculturally the most powerful in European Union. It has a record production in Europe with 19% of agricultural goods and has largest area covered in agriculture in Europe.

France is also the only country in Europe to produce almost all agricultural crops and goods. Different part of France is specialised in one type of production like Paris Basin or Aquitaine Basin which is towards the South of France are specialised in field crops known to produce huge commodities. The specialty crops are located all over France and they are particularly located in tight regions or spaces like valleys of Loire, of Garonne or of Rhône. Vineyards are throughout France except for some regions of France like on east facing slopes, north of France or in some valleys.

Northern France is characterized by big grain farms. Dairy, poultry, pork and apple produce is concentrated in West of France. Beef is also produced in central France while majority of the crops like corn ,vegetables, fruits and wine are produced from central to south of France.

Agriculture contribution to GDP: 43,588.08 million dollars

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