Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2016

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6. Turkey

Turkey is home to headwaters of Rivers of Tigris and Euphrates. Its agricultural sector is mimicking the prosperity of Mesopotamia.

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It has favourable geographical climate and condition, abundant water supplies and large arable lands, and is one of the leading countries in agriculture and food all over in the world. There were efforts to restructure which took place in early 1980 in domestic market which is part of world economy today.


It has robust food industry and agriculture which employs more than quarter of country working population. Agriculture accounts for around 7% of country’s GDP. This sector has done remarkably well by increasing to 43% from 2002 to 2014. The industry’s strengths includes the size of market in relation to young population of country which is a dynamic private sector economy has a favourable climate and substantial tourism income.

Turkey is world’s sixth largest producer and is a world leader for producing fry figs, dried apricots, raisins and hazelnuts. The country also leads in production of honey. Dairy products which includes milk and yogurt are integral part of Turkish people diet. Turkey boasts production of 18.6 million tons of milk in 2015, which made it the leading producer of dairy and milk products in the region. The country also produced 38.6 million tons of crops and 28.5 million tons of vegetables. It also produced 17.5 million tons of fruits and 2 million tons of poultry.

The abundant production allowed Turkey to maintain positive trade balance because of its position as one of largest exporters of agricultural products. In the world, Turkey exported 1781 kinds of agricultural products to around 190 countries in 2015.

Agriculture contribution to GDP: 65,294.14 million dollars

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