Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2016

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5. Brazil

Brazil’s agriculture has been historically one of the main pillars of Brazil’s economy.

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Initially it focussed on sugarcane but eventually went on to become world’s largest exporter of coffee, beef, ethanol, sugarcane and soybeans. The agricultural success in Brazil during Getulio Vargas with Estado Novo which means “new state”.


Brazil has over 106,000,000 hectares which equals 260,000,000 acres of undeveloped land which is fertile, a size greater than the area combined of Spain and France. According to a study of IBGE in 2008, in spite of world financial crisis, Brazil had a record of agricultural production with a massive growth of 9.1 percent which was mainly motivated because of favourable weather. The production of grains had reached an abundant 145,000,000 tons in that year.

That recorded output employed more than 4.8% in the planted area which totalled around 65,338,000 hectares and produced a handsome amount of $148 billion reals. The main products which were grown were corn which had a growth of 13.1 percent and soy which had a growth of 2.4 percent growth.

The southern half of the Brazil gets high rainfall, has more fertile soil, semi-temperate climate, more advanced in technology, more experienced farmers and adequate infrastructure. This region produces majority of Brazil’s grains like oilseeds and most of the grains produced here are exported. Agriculture in Brazil has challenges which includes the practice of slave labour, fire, agrarian reform, production financing and then there is the rural exodus fuelled by stress of economy on family farming.

More than half of Brazil is covered with forests which are located in the Amazon basin.

Agriculture contribution to GDP: 97,492.40 million dollars

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