Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2016

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4. Indonesia

Agriculture is one of the key sectors for economy of Indonesia. Although in the recent years this sector’s share in National’s Gross Domestic Product has gone down significantly in the last 50 years.

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However, it still provides livelihood to majority of the households in Indonesian economy. In 2013, this sector contributed around 14% of national GDP, slightly declined compared to 10 years earlier from 15%, and in 2012, agriculture sector provided jobs to around 50 million Indonesians which represents 40% of total labour force in the country.


Around 30 percent of Indonesia’s land was used for agricultural purposes. Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture overviews and regulates agriculture sector of Indonesia.

In Indonesia agriculture is divided into two types:

There are large plantations which are owned by private companies and state government

Production modes of smallholder which is done mostly done by agricultural households

The very first category focussed on export commodities such as palm oil while the latter focussed on horticulture commodities which was taken care by small scale farmers to supply food consumption of local population such as rice, corn, fruits and vegetables

Indonesia being located in tropical region which enjoys abundant rain and sunshine for most parts of the year are important elements of agriculture. Most agricultural commodities usually thrive well in Indonesia. The country is blessed with vast and abundant arable fertile soil. Indonesia is a world’s major producer for an array of agricultural products. Indonesia important agricultural commodities are cocoa, coffee, tea, cassava, rice and tropical spices. Vast palm plantation of oil is done in Indonesia. Right Now, Indonesia is the world’s leading producer of palm oil. Indonesia is world’s leading producer of nutmeg, cassava, vanilla and coconut oil. It also produces tobacco and tea.

Agriculture contribution to GDP: 126,266.09 million dollars

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