Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2016

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3. United States

Agriculture in America is marked by many trends. First trend is the continuous decline of small family farms.

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Since 1980, 300,000 farms have gone out of the wind in United States of America, and since 1946 number of people are employed has been declined to 50%. Large companies with the likes of Archer-Daniels Midland (ADM) have dominated American agriculture.


In 2000, ADM has sales of $21.9 billion and in the beef industry 4 firms control around 80% of the U.S. market. Around 91% of U.S farms are thought to be small and large farms make around 9% of farms although receive more than 50% in total revenue earned from agriculture in 2000.The other trend is increasing productivity of this sector. Production in agriculture in United States has increased by 5 percent in each year since 1990. Moreover the output of each worker has grown by .84 percent every year. On an average one American who is employed in agriculture produces food for 96 people. This improvement can be credited to consolidation of farms and result of new technologies which have made their way and new farming methods.

Another trend is of growth in import and exports. In 1998 the total of agriculture exports were 60.5 billion. That year imports were $48.9 billion. Final trend is the loss of subsidies in agriculture. Few of these subsidies take the form of outright payments in exchange for farmers to not grow some crops and keep the prices of crops high. Since 1990s the government has reduced these subsides. Although support for certain farmers who grow tobacco still continues. The government’s spending has also increased from 200s which came to aid the farmers in times of natural disasters.

Agriculture contribution to GDP: 215,364.00 million dollars

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