Top 10 Companies in South Africa 2016

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9. Naspers

Africa’s largest internet and media group, Naspers operates in print classifieds, online retail, marketplaces, online shopping comparison, video entertainment, payments and online services.

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It offers services in more than 130 countries with a market capitalization of 60bn USD making it the largest company in Africa and the 7th largest Internet company in the world. Naspers has sizeable investments in Flipkart, Tencent and, which are high growth companies in their respective markets thereby strengthening Naspers global presence in the worldwide internet services market.


The group backs new business models to fuel its growth seeking opportunities to address big societal needs in markets where it sees the greatest growth potential. These include all major markets in the 0world, wherever the group sees the potential for transforming the startups with technology and providing them a global scale.

In June, 2016, Naspers has invested $60 Million in Udemy , a global marketplace for learning and teaching online, to expand global reach to students and instructors worldwide. The group has invested in Brainly to target the EdTech market by investing in social learning network. Brainly has not only identified a way that technology can help drive educational impact beyond the traditional classroom model but has proven its business across geographies.

The group attracts and recruits the best talent in the world to build outstanding companies and products. With a focus on long-term growth the company empowers its employees to make responsible decisions as it helps them to connect, learn and stretch making best use of their talent. The group has always sought to move fast and seize opportunities before its competitors may even realize of its presence.

Sales (in bn $): 6.4

Profits (in bn$): 1.1

Assets (in bn $): 13.3

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