Top 10 Companies in South Africa 2016

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7. MMI Holdings

MMI Holdings Limited is a financial services group and is one of the most prominent brands in the industry in South Africa.

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It provides long and short-term insurance, asset management services, savings, investment healthcare administration, health risk management, employee benefits, and rewards programs. It operates through brands like Metropolitan, Momentum, Guardrisk, and Eris Properties to cater to the needs of its diverse customer base.


It operates on a client centric business model trying to enhance the financial wellness of its customers and their businesses thereby gaining a reputation of being trustworthy and reliable. It has a culture of accountability, excellence, integrity, diversity, teamwork which promotes innovation and trust, leading to unparalleled service for its clients.

The group is committed to assist some of South Africa's most vulnerable citizens to expand their horizons and gain greater access to opportunities. Metropolitan and Momentum work together to support the most important sectors which were lacking in terms of social participation. Metropolitan continues to make a difference in ensuring that HIV AIDS can become a manageable disease for Africa, just like the western countries. Momentum focuses on persons with disabilities and ensures that they are not left behind in Africa’s progress story. MMI group has won various accolades for its services including the PMR Golden Arrow award for healthcare administration and Hamlet Foundation Outstanding Achievement Award for the path-breaking work done for people with mental disabilities. It was also on the second spot in Sunday Times top brands for the long-term insurance industry category.

Moody’s has assigned MMI Group Limited a rating which reflects the company’s top tier market position in South Africa. Moody's has further assigned national scale IFS ratings to MMI Holdings’ subsidiaries Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited and Guardrisk Life Limited which are representative of Guardrisk’s market position as the largest cell captive insurer, its low underwriting risk and its diverse product mix across life insurance and short-tailed non-life insurance lines.

Sales (in bn $): 5.3

Profits (in bn$): 0.238

Assets (in bn $): 29

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